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Prostap and Tibolone addback

Hi I've had endometriosis since 2001 when it was diagnosed then but I recall from a very early age have a late periods 17 I think they started and since 2001 have had a horrendous time with Endo. I am now 47 today and have been on pro stop on an off for the past three years I find pricetag wonderful as it completely stops horrendous migraines The migraines are oestrogen based my question is they have now put me on three monthly long-term pro stamp which is great but I have to take Tupalo add back which I have not yet started as I have a few concerns if my body has stopped something why would you add it back in and I have heard that tip alone can give migraine . My question is has anybody else taken priced up and table own and what is their experience I have horrendous stomach pains lower left which I think is additions and have seen the surgeon last week and they won't do anything because they say it is hip pain ! I don't believe it is. Anyway any advice on this would be great and I 100% would say ProStap is wonderful apart from the hip pain and bone aches I can't help feeling with the NHS cutbacks at the moment paracetamol seems to be the surgery at the moment !!!!

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