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Endometriosis and periods after pregnancy? Help :)

Hi all,

I'm 26 and gave birth to my son in August 2016, I had the laparoscopy in February 2015 which confirmed endo which most was removed however certain places they didn't want to touch without referring me to another surgeon with a waiting list of 2 years, it was found behind my womb and on my urethra.. anyway since having my son which I fell pregnant straight away, I have been having extremely long periods over the past 8 months 2 of which have been 4 weeks long and I know I'm extremely anaemic, I had the impant inserted after giving birth.. and was told to wait six months to give it a go and see if it works for me (it will be 6 months in May) but I was just wondering if anyone has experienced similar and whether it's the implant or maybe my endo again as it's so heavy and at times I feel I get those contraction type pains.. I generally eat well and I'm gaining weight.. I also am not able To use oestrogen based contraception due to migraines.

Any help is appreciated.. I'm exhausted and with a baby it's even harder.

Thanks C

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