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So I had my first laparoscopy on 13th of April and I just kinda wanted to share my experience. The surgery itself was a success and my surgeon found two bits of endometriosis and managed to remove it with no problem. He also inserted a mirena to help with my periods as other methods such as the pill have not worked in the past. Although the doctor said he removed it he doesn't think that this is the only thing causing all my pain so I'm going for further tests. It's now been over a week and my wounds are healing nicely although I am still suffering with a lot of abdominal pain and still bleeding. I don't know if the last part is normal and would appreciate some advice on what to do? I have been to my doctor and she said everything is fine but I wanted to hear what everyone else experiences were.

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  • I bled heavily for 6 weeks. This is normal for the coil as it causes you to shed your uterus. The. My periods stopped altogether. I needed to take floradix as my iron levels got low. It and also the operation can cause pelvic pain. It can take 12 weeks to heal from internal inflammation and also a similar time for the coil physically to settle. Not everyone gets on with the coil though so keep an eye on it.

    This document describes the internal healing process in detail and the type of pain you may experience.

    My op was 6 Dec and tbh i still have pelvic pain that i did not have before surgery and i don't know why but it has improved a lot.

  • I was in the same position a month ago when I had my first lap. I had endo removed and a coil fitted. I've been bleeding since!

    It is just an unfortunate side effect of the coil until it settles in and 'regulates' I guess. Not ideal but for me anything is better than the pain!

    Hope you have a quick recovery. If you have any questions fire away :) xx

  • This reply in it's self has made me feel better because I feel I'm not alone anymore and I now have people who have similar issue and can talk to them. My only worry is how they are going to remove the coil? I should know this but I wasn't really told much, just that it would stop my periods

  • I'm really glad. There's nothing worse than feeling alone. This site is amazing for bringing people together who understand each other.

    I completely get your questions and concerns. Consultants don't seem to want to give too much advice which is annoying!!

    It just gets removed by your doctor after 5 years ( or before if you want it out) you're awake and I think it's a pain free but uncomfortable procedure. I assume similar to a smear test feeling maybe!? Wish I could help more x

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