Hey guys!

I've been struggling a lot lately with just being constantly tired. I usually get 10 hours sleep a night, I exercise regularly and I eat a pretty balanced diet - so I'm stumped. I know that a lot of people experience fatigue with endo, but part of me also wonders if the coil could be to blame.

I just feel like the minute I accept one symptom of endo, a new one comes along.

Would be grateful for any advice (especially of the natural kind).

R x

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  • I suffer terribly with this. If you suffer with heavy bleeding try an iron supplement like floradix and adding fresh lemon on deep leafy greens which aids digestion and absorption of the iron. It took the edge off a bit when i first had the coil and bled non stop.

    I'm trying also b12 and omega 3.

    Tbh nothing is helping very much. I had fatigue before my coil or any treatment. But i had a lap at the same time as coil so impossible to say which is the cause for post op symptoms.

    Zoladex definitely made it worse and doubling the hrt to add oestrogen back improved things a bit so i suspect it is hormonal in cause though there are theories it is due to the inflammation.

    I've tried most diet changes and none of them make much difference though i generally felt a mild benefit of cutting milk and dairy out and when i avoid processed foods in favour of fruit and veg

  • Thanks for your reply!

    sorry if this is tmi - but I don't really bleed much (barely at all) now that I have the coil. I take omega 3, Evening primrose, B12 and folic acid and I'm finding that nothing really works either. I also had the coil fitted during my lap, so who knows. Diet changes have done very little for me too.

    Weird question - but do you suffer from hair loss? I do and I'm starting to wonder if it's another factor a should be considering in the overall picture of my health.

    R x

  • I've always shed a bit, nothing untoward though.

  • Omega 3 supplements seem to help me a lot. I think they reduce the inflammation. I use Vitabiotics Ultra Omega 3 xxx

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