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Still having pains after lap

I had my laparoscopy on the 31st March, 10 days ago now and my stomach is still painful.

They only made one incision in my belly button but i have a constant pain to the right side of my belly button and i get the occasional sharp pain which takes my breath away depending on how i move. They only found a polyp and an impression of Adenomyosis. When i went back to the doctors a few days after the op, i got told my pains were normal as they have to use force to get the camera in ect.. Surely i shouldn't have this pain still? It is sore when i press it as well.

Has anyone else had this? Should i see my GP or leave it to 'heal' longer?

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Hey tanyannh

I had pain still two weeks in but it was perfectly normal 3 weeks on.

Try not to worry but if it is red, sore or unbearable speak to your gp.

Hope your recovery goes well! X

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Hi, your organs inside get shoved about a lot during an op even just a diagnostic one. It can take a good 12 weeks to heal internally possibly more. This link describes various causes of post op pain and runs through the healing process in detail.


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Hope your recover goes well, I'm 7 days po, I've been to gp twice already as pain seems to be getting worse not better, I too have constant ache in right side, she told me it was earlier days and that its abrasive surgery and they fairly push poke and prod though I felt so much better after my first lap. I'm also feeling very weepy anxious and low mood xxxx


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