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What an utterly crap and worrying day

Having an utterly crap day. Went to see my Endo consultant this morning for a routine 6m review. I've been advised to stop my Prostap injections immediately as my bone density scan was showing bad signs. I have been on it for 18 months. After a long chat we have arrived at the point where I will try a progesterone only contraceptive pill - Cerezette, which I've been on before.

I'm absolutely terrified that this won't work and my chronic pain will return as well as heavy periods. I have a review booked for 3 months time and failing this working the only route I have left is a full hysterectomy. I can't leave my ovaries in anyway as there is endo all over them.

Probably one of the most worrying days I have in a while and I'm so scared. Haven't spoken to my husband yet as he's working.

Feeling pretty sad, worried, and let down.

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I know it's really difficult. Sending best wishes. I hope Cerazette works well for you. Xx


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