Just after my laparscopy (endo found) ttc 18mths

Hi everyone

So.. been trying for 18mths. Went to an acupunture appointment in January & she specialized in 'maya massage'. Loved it! She said she think I have endometriosis. Never ever had it mentioned to me. 1 months later horrendous period pain again. Went to consultant who put me on the list for a lap. Found very mild endometriosis & my left tube was stuck to my bowel.( Tubes where clear)

It's been 3 weeks post surgery & hoping for some good eggs and sperm this month!

Who ever thought getting pregnant was so difficult!!

Anyone any advice? Still doing weekly acupunture (it's soooo good)


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  • There's some research that does suggest you may be more likely to conceive after treatment for mild endo, but if you don't, make sure you keep in touch with your fertility nurse or consultant so they refer you for the next steps asap! X

  • Thank you. I've booked another appointment soon to keep on top of it. Thank you xx

  • Wishing you lots of luck on your journey

  • Thank you :)

  • This is exactly the same as me except we've been trying for nearly 3 years and about to start round 2 of IVF. I just recently got the endo removed and a 7cn cyst on my left ovary. I was In horrendous pain at ovulation and period time and my bowel was hellish. I said if our first cycle didn't work I would see about getting it removed and it didn't so I did :-). Hopefully you are able to conceive without needing fertility specialists. Best of luck xx

  • I conceived following surgery for stage 4 endo, and I am pregnant again following further surgery which included a bowel resection. I also have PCOS and a bicornate uterus so it definitely is possible for some people. My surgeon say the best time to try would be following my surgery (once I had healed). I was pregnant within a month or so both times. I exercised, took vitamins, tracked when I ovulated, had far too much sex lol. Good luck :)


  • Hi D. Aw congratulations! That's great news. Yes tracking, vitamins, exercising.. even mediating lol will up the sex for ovulation window.

    Fingers crossed! Have a great pregnancy :)

    Thank you for sharing xx

  • Hi that sounds like me too. Just had lap and diagnosed with stage 2 endo. Not sure where or what's affected as gyne on hols so only spoke with his intern.. About to start accupuncture as I have heard that it can help..? I'm 35 and ttc for 3 yrs. Had bad period pain since about 15 except for wen I was on the pill.. when I stopped the pill pain returned but only for some cycles and also mid cycle pain again only for some cycles. Love seeing people stories who have got preg wit endo, gives me some hope. Doc has recommended ivf but hoping that accupuncture will help before we have to go ivf route.

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