NAC helped my Endo 😊

i have been taking NAC for 10 months after sumbling across it in a book and then by googling it and finding this link. It has had amazing results and really significantly improved my endo pains. I took it to show my consultant who was really impressed with what it's done for me although she was a little sceptical she said that because it is a food supplement they can't give it to people as it's not a medication but she did think that diet and food had an impact on endo and she took down the details on the bottle. I look forward to hearing more about NAC as a help for endo suffers in the future 😊


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  • Can I ask what nac is thank you xxxx

  • Hi I can't see the link what is it, :0)

  • Hi, can you let us know what NAC is? Thank you!

  • I suspect this post is advertising spam and the link has been removed because of that.

  • Not sure if this is any use but I know NAC stands for N-Acetyl Cysteine, its an amino acid and precursor of glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant. Supposedly also helps to clear mucus in airways & lungs in cases like bronchitis/pneumonia. Can allegedly help mood disorders, help eliminate oxidative stress & reduce inflammation. My naturopath (who I see because of having a defective MTHFR gene) recommended I take it. Only tried for a few days so not sure if any improvement as yet. That's about all I know! Hope that helps.

  • Yes, there is something in this information. As many endo sufferers have MTHFR gene which makes body more difficult to detox. These women also have miscarriages more often then others. The problem is that not everybody can take NAC as it creates sulfur in your body. I ended up in AE with NAC. So if you want to try it, then start very slowly, like with one 10th of the normal dosage to find out of you can tolerate it. You can also do genetic testing with 23and me to find out if your genes are affected. NAC is also not recommended for people with amalgam filling in their mouth.

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