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Reoccuring Endo

I was diagnosed with endrometiosis 3 years ago and had keyhole surgery to remove it. They told me that they were unable to remove all of it due to the vast amount i had and offered me to have a hysterectomy. A year later i decided to have it but found out i was pregnant. I had my son 2 months early and had alot of health problems after. My son is now 19months old and i am having severe pain and the same symptoms i had before the keyhole surgery. Has anyone else had the same thing happen to them? Im in 2 minds wether to go see my gp but the pain is unreal.

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I would go and see you're gp Hun to be referred back to gynea, and get it sorted. It does grow back after surgery. And it also comes back after having children as a friend had 3 children and it went when she was pregnant and came back not long after each one. Don't suffer in silence as having endo myself I know what it's like. Best of luck and hope you get sorted x


Thank you i am just apprehensive about going. Think it may be because my son is ill quite alot and if i have to have surgery again i will feel bad as i would struggle to look after my son if he got ill while i was healing. I am having severe cramping, pain in my lower back and hips like ive constantly got a stitch and pain durin and after intercourse. I do also urinate alot more but not sure if thats because i have had a son. I havent had a period since i had the implant in but i did not have one when i had the implant before x


Please do go back to your GP and get referred to a specialist endo centre called a bsge centre.

Unfortunately if you don't get some treatment it will keep growing and be likely to cause more problems. There are other options apart from surgery so you could try those first whilst your son is poorly.

Please remember too that a hyster is not a treatment for endo and you can have the surgery and still suffer. You need an expert endo surgeon to excise all endo at the same time if you go down that route.

Best of luck.




I agree with Blossom39 please go see your GP.

My endo keeps returning even after having so many operations, after having my children and after having hysterectomy. I'm due to have yet another operation to remove more endo and adhesions in June.

I'm also having some pain nerves burned in May.


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