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I'm 23 and I've recently been diagnosed with Endo (2 months ago- been having the symptoms for at least 8 years) and I have no idea what will happen. I've had the laparoscopy and was diagnosed with 'extensive' endo- i'm not quite sure what that means and they fitted me with a coil at the same time. I was kicked out of the hospital pretty quick after the surgery (still heavily under the influence of the general anaesthetic) and have no idea what I was told other than being show an image of my right ovary being about 5 times the size of my left. It's been 2 months since my surgery and will be another month until my consultation. Can anyone tell me what extensive endo means and what will happen next? Also, what is my consultation for? Are there certain types of endo- do they send results to a lab for some reason? Any help/advice/wisdom would be appreciated!

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I don't think anyone can properly say but your specialist. It is always awful trying to remember what they say after the op but they won't expect you to. When you go in next, I am sure they will have a game plan for treatment. Did they manage to take any of it out do you know?

The coil is a great start though! Took me so many years to get that fitted and it helped me for a while but then (I think) my body got used to it and even though they last for 3 years or something I have had to have a new one fitted a year later and that new one hasn't helped at all.

Endo is different for everyone to be honest. :( Sorry I couldn't be of more help


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