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In pain and feeling tired

I have always had problems with my periods since I started at 13 yrs old. I am now 52yrs old and we did not manage to have children. 12 years ago I had the mirena coil fitted because I was having heavy periods and they found a fibroid. I have had 4 coils fitted since then. 18 months ago I started with heavy bleeding again. I was sent for a scan and they found multiple fibroids. After going to see the gynaecologist I went into hopital November 2016 for any hysterectomy. When I came round from the operation they had not completed the hysterectomy because they found stage 4 endometriosis round my bowel. I have now been sent to middlesborough to a specialist centre. My appointment is not until end of May. I am now having periods every three weeks and in pain/discomfort most of the time. I am very tired all the time as well. Can anyone recommend what I can take to get me through the next few months. Would the pill help???

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Oh that sounds awful poor you it sounds like the right thing Regards to specialist referral.

Can you back to your local gynae for interim treatment ? I had zoladex several years ago it chemically induces menopause but only for short term use. I have two days in every 28 without bleeding sometimes I can go a whole week without needing to wear tampon or towels which is great, so I can really sympathise with you on bleeding frequency. I don't have fibroids though that sounds worse good luck with whatever you do. Don't suffer & wait go back to gp if you have too.


Thank you for your reply. I am trying to get to see a doctor at the moment but that proving difficult. We put up with so much and then you get to the point where it gets to you and you have to do something about it. Hopefully i will get to see or speak to a doctor tomorrow


Hi. I had several attempts at being put into temporary menopause. I think it is as something like suprecur? With some tibolone to stop menopause symptoms. I won't lie, it was horrendous and I felt like death whilst on it. I should say I am highly sensitive to any medication and progesterone intolerant, so am not surprised I didn't get on with it. I didn't have pain though!!! 😁


I have been perscribed Norethisterone for 10 days to stop the heavy bleeding to try and give me some rest bite . I need to have routine bloods to see if I am anemic but I think I will have to put up with everything until I see the specialist at the end of May

Thank you


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