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Lapraroscopy - CUT Out Endometriosis

Morning Ladies,

So I wanted to share an experience I'm currently dealing with following a Lapraroscopy. I have had 3 Laps over the past 5 years. The first 2 I had the Endo burnt away, I have 4 very small scars, 2 in my belly button and 2 just below my knicker line. The recovery was painful but bearable and took about 4-6 weeks for me to feel the benefit and about 6-10 to be pain free.

Two days ago I had my 3 Lap but this time I had the Endo CUT out and Dye test done to check my fallopian tubes. ( This is meant to be much better, more effective, takes the Endo alot longer to come back and is the best solution if TTC). I have 4 abdominal incisions, (bellybutton, below knacker line, and one each side where my ovaries are and are all very small.)

For me personally and being completely honest... having it cut away I much much more pain. I'd say I have a fairly high pain threshold when it comes to coping with pain ( God knows us Endo ladies need it!) I'm struggling to walk, sit, stand,lay down, go to the toilet, move in any way and of course sleep! Every moment hits above my pain threshold. They did find it had spread both sides ( left side being worse), to my blader and very close to my left ovarie, but No blockage and my ovaries and fallopian tubes were perfectly fine. I did suffer quite badly with the shoulder pain, pains in my chest and right in my ribs after from the air/gas they fill your stomach with during the op. That was aweful too.

ON A POSITIVE NOTE - within 12 hours of having the op I noticed a huge difference to my hormone levels. I don't feel hormonal at all! Apart from the pain iv not felt this good in myself and my own body in years! Huge difference. I'm still swollen and bloated but the pain from the trapped air/gas has now gone and I am very much looking forward to the pain in my stomach going so I can enjoy feeling human again. And even though it is much more painful, at the moment I would recommend having Endo cut out as a pose to it being burnt away.

I'll keep you updated if this changes at all.

Lv Ally :o) xxx

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Hey Ally,

So great to hear your feeling good emotionally and you're clearly very resilient mentally. Take it easy for as long as you can, doing things you enjoy that keep you in a good frame of mind. Yesterday was the first day of my period which is usually horrendous but this month wasn't so bad, so Im also on a high to of feeling like things are settling a bit ! I was very bloated also so finally tried adding some peppermint essential oil to a cup of warm water. Ive been told a dozen times to try it and was pleasantly surprised. I still looked 6months pregnant but after doing some gentle yoga stretched and it actually helped! Hope your bloating isn't too painful.

Keep us posted with your news, this is the place to share good news as well as getting support whenever you need it.

Take care,

xx, Nead

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Fab tip thanks. Do you have any more for bloating and weight loss tips? Once I'm recovered my focus will be to try and keep my Endo at bay and to try and lose the 12lb I'v gained.

Have you even had issues losing weight when your Endo starts becoming bad?

I really struggle when mine gets bad and I'v found as soon as I have an op the weight just seems to fall straight off. I follow Slimming World so I know it not my diet.



I've not ever had the lap because Doctors haven't been super helpful for me to be honest. Plus I'm living in Singapore now and health care is very expensive. Since January I've completely changed my lifestyle . I don't eat gluten (easier than I thought and a lot less bloating) and have cut down massively on dairy and refined foods. I haven't weighed myself but I feel lighter and have more energy. I sleep more regularly and most importnantly I came off my pill. It's all very different to what works for you which means it's different for everyone so I'm defo not contradicting what your gyny has said. I've just found that for now I can ride out the bad days (which are a lot less frequent) because the pills I've tried made me very depressed and my perspective on endo shifted from hopelessness to a bit more optimistic. Most women have it way worse than I do and so I continue to explore other options before I choose surgery. I know two girls here who take a Chinese traditional medicine that has sorted out a lot of their symptoms! As a yoga teacher I'm oblige to tell you that weight loss is 70/80% what you eat and the rest is exercise but with what your body has gone through +all the hormones etc just be gentle with yourself and build up slowly with any new regimes. And yes peppermint oil is the bomb :)

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Hi there. Do try the peppermint oil in water, it works wonders for the shoulder pain. I wonder if i can ask, did you push for your recent lap becos you are ttc?

Ive had 2 laps, the last was 12 months ago and both times burnt away. Not extensive endo but my right tube is blocked with endo scarring. Sad to say ive been in alot of pain the last 6 weeks or so in the all too familiar fashion. Im not in a place atm (having been with my partner only 5 months) to talk about children so is it worth just sticking it out and only pushing for a lap when we are ready to try for children?


We're not currently TTC, but my Gyny said when we were ready to start he would advise having it cut out first as it boosts fertility chances. 6 months later things became unbearable, so he advised I had it done to get rid of the Endo and to then go straight on the mini pill to stop my periods, so now when we are ready I just need to come off the pill and start trying. Because Endo only forms when you bleed. So once recovered I'll be Symptom free, pain free, period free and ready for babies when we decide!

This is the best advice any Gyny has ever given me. He did underline it has to be cut out.

I guess the same would apply if you decided to have the coil instead of mini pill. So If your suffering this might also be good for you. :o)



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