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Lump in right groin

Hi all,

So I had a rough week last week with my endo and felt quite poorly. I noticed on Sunday I had a strange sore/itchy bumps on my right labia and it looked swollen so I went to the doctor yesterday (Monday) and she said she thinks it is shingles or hepes but it was too early of a stage to tell but I also have thrush so I have to go back Thursday for her to look again. I've took my pessary for the thrush and i'm taking Acyclovir for the shingles/hepes whatever it is.

However, I've only just noticed I have a sore lump in my right groin just before the tendon. It's quite painful to touch and feels about the size of a pea maybe a bit bigger, any ideas on what this could be? Is it endo related?

Within myself I feel better this week however I've been nauseous on and off since last Monday and had a sore throat since last Friday, not sure if it is connected or not. I'm just concerned about this lump, I feel like my body can't catch a break recently!

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Hi. Can't give u an answer to ur question. It ifnu do find the answer then I would like to know too as I have been ha ing this painful lump in my groin too and it's something that keeps coming back.

I have looked it up and it says of could be a cyst that is there because of an infection going on and if would go when the infection is cleared but it's knowing where the infection could be and also to wether it is relayed to endometriosis or not. X

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I think Fran84 is right and it sounds like your doctor has prescribed the right treatment.


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