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Gynaecologist appointment and feeling discouraged

Like many have mentioned on this forum "a general gynaecologist is not as good as the ones from the endometriosis centres. I finally saw a gynaecologist after a long waiting.I felt rushed and not being taken serious. lt was strongly suggested that I should start on Zoladex and HRT's asap to help with pain , Mirena coil has not improved the pain.Laparoscopy booked for 27th May .he could not answer most of the questions, he said he will cross that bridge when he gets there meaning if Zoladex fails or after Laparoscopy. I guess I'm one of many who have been felt discouraged especially after waiting for so long to see a specialist but why this keeps happening to us .

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Once you get diagnosed you can ask to be refered to an endo centre if you're in the uk. There they do excision surgery and also know how to better treat it then general gynae. It's your right to be refered to who you want to see, so don't let your physician fob you up when they say no.

If you're somewhere else there's emdoapolysis on Facebook and endometriosis sites for each country where workers and volunteers can point you in the right direction.


Thanks Hannah117

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