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Fatigue help please


Hi all, I have recently been diagnosed with severe endometriosis at 22. I had the coil fitted during my lap and was put on zoladex a month after my lap. I'm up to my fourth injection next month and started the patches 2 weeks ago as I couldn't handle the hot flushes. I have found that I am sooooooo tired and I barely have any energy to last the day. All i want to do is sleep every minute of the day and I'm not working full time. Does anyone have any tips to help me get some of my energy back?

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Have you had blood tests to check and rule out what could be causing the tiredness?

Vmvm in reply to Rach3187

I had one a few years ago which said I was low in iron and vitamin D but a symptom of endo and zoladex is fatigue so I'm guessing it's that. I probably should get another blood test soon though!


I have endo which was diagnosed via a laparoscopy nearly 5 years ago. I noticed I started having episodes of feeling low on energy and if I had a busy week or several late nights I would feel light headed/pass out.

It wasn't until I came off the pill to try for kids that my Endo naturally got worse but so did the exhaustion feeling making me realise it was linked. I recently have been diagnosed with ME/CFS and have had to work part time instead of full time. I'm still learning to manage it but have found it's important to pace yourself and not rush around or this quickly wears me out! I think the medication you are taking could be a part of this but fatigue is a symptom of Endo so this could also be contributing. I was recommended something called D-Ribose which is a natural sugar and helps give fatigued people energy. You can get it on Amazon. When I'm struggling I find this can help. X

Vmvm in reply to KurlyWurlyb

Thank you for your reply! Yes I have noticed that if I do too much during the week it really knocks me out which is not ideal for a 22 year old! Thank you, I will definitely look into that product!

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