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Fatigue is ruining my life! Please help!

Hi all

I am 28 war old woman living with endo. I eat a healthy diet and excercise regularly but have found recently that fatigue is topping me from doing what I usually do with my life.

I do 3-4 exercise classes a week hold down a full time job where I work 40-50 hrs a week as well as finding time for friends and family.

This weekend I had a day out with work, we went to ge races but it was a long day and I was out for around 14 hours, I did drink and probably a little bit too much. I had a hangover the next day but felt fine by the evening just tired.

Come Monday morning I felt exhausted, I muddled my way through work and came home and went about my daily activties.

Come this morning I am exhausted and feeling sick. I constantly suffer with nausea but this was terrible. I now have the early twinges of a big flare up. I have come home to rest but physically and mentally it has had a big effect on me. I have an important job and I haste being off work and I am currently on the couch unable to get up because I'm just so tired.

I guest my question is does anyone else suffer with this or is it all in my head. The fatigue and nausea are by far my worst symptoms and part of me is worried it's all in my head!

If anyone has had similar experiences I'd love to hear from you!

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I know this may not help but you are not alone with this!I feel exactly the same. Tiredness and nausea are totally new symptoms to me and it can be pretty debilitating. I got some anti sickness tablets from the GP and they do seem to help but he was unsure why I had these symptoms so took some bloods tests.

Its not in your head but in know what you mean by thinking that....

Hope you feel better soon


Fatigue is my worst symptom and I started getting nausea earlier this year. I chew crystallised ginger sometimes for the nausea, which helps for a little while. The fatigue is debilitating and I haven't found anything so far that really helps.

I don't think it's in your head, but I sometimes doubt myself...am I just lazy, am I imagining the nausea, but I think you know your own body and if anything you tend to fight against it to keep some quality of life.



It's not in your head, I am totally the same as you...i started with fatigue as one of my worst symptoms from the Endo. I got my Dr to organise a number of blood tests and really look at my B12 and iron levels. It turns out I have endo on my bowel and they think that was stopping me getting the right amount out of my food. I now have 12 weekly injections and I can really tell the difference.

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I've been living with endo for 12 years and when it's time for me to have another lap I always get chronic debilitating pain with nausea and fatigue that stop me from working. It sucks so much and there's not much help out there for fatigue. They usually say rest and things like yoga and massages can help, but it's different for everyone :/

I'd say write down and take note of any symptoms you have, and if it gets worse, I'd go see your gp :)

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Hello, fatigue is the worse symptom for me and this morning I went to a conference and they said you need to treat your body like a battery - if you use up all your energy you suffer. If you rest, prioritise what's important and have regular exercise it helps. It's about understanding what your body can and cannot do. Best of luck - it's not in your head it's a symptom of endo.


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