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Coming off the 'miracle' pill to TTC

Hello lovely ladies. Just wanting a little bit of advice please :)

Background: Painful heavy periods from the get go, officially diagnosed with endometriosis via laparoscopy in January 2011. Had struggled to find effective pain management (Tranexamic Acid did wonders for the heavy bleeding but Mefanamic Acid wasn't controlling the pain), and many contraceptives did not agree with me, until someone I know also with endometriosis suggested a low-dose combined pill Femodette.

Since starting on Femodette 5 years ago my life has been completely different and the endometriosis has not caused any further problems. However my partner and I are planning on TTC over the next year or so and so I was planning to come off the pill to start tracking my cycles again (did natural family planning for years prior to finding Femodette and cycles always irregular). The thing is I am so scared about feeling the pain that I used to feel, the unpredictability of when I was going to come on, and also the IBS and other associated symptoms that I would get throughout the month. I have made a GP appointment but can't get in until 4th April, by which time my pill packet will have finished, and I am just wondering what pain relief options are best to enquire about when TTC (was advised previously to avoid NSAIDs like Mefanamic Acid when TTC), and also whether I should have a referral to my gynae consultant to discuss whether a follow up ultrasound or laparoscopy is needed? My concern is getting a year or so down the line before I'll be referred again for further support. I am unsure at what stage my endo is at now and I can barely remember where they actually found it on laparascopy in 2011 :/

If anyone is in a similar position it would be great to hear some help and advice xx

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