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Do I try the pill to see if I might have endometriosis?

Hi, just wondering if anyone has any advice from their own experiences... I think I have a lot of the symptoms of endometriosis: increased pain before and during my period and when I ovulate which has been getting worse over the last year, but also constant and seemingly increasing pain all the time (can’t really do anything, can’t stand or walk for long) since about 6 weeks ago, pain in my abdomen during sex and stinging afterwards, pain when my bladder is full, upset stomach during my period amongst other things but also have been having stabbing pains when I eat recently. Has anyone else experienced pain when they eat?

I have had an external and internal ultrasound which showed nothing except a small, apparently insignificant pollop. I have been referred to a gynaecologist but my appointment isn’t until September but they have suggested taking the pill to see if it eases my pain as a way of seeing if it might be endometriosis. I have been trying for my first baby for nearly a year and a half now so am not overly keen on this idea but am also in a lot of pain. I don’t know whether to try and push for a laparoscopy as it may be something else altogether. Any thoughts much appreciated thank you.

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Have you been tested for PID and IBS? x


I hadn’t heard of PID before, could be, I will mention the Doctor thank you!


I only mention it as I've had it in the past and had similar symptoms, hope you get some answers soon

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Really sorry to hear about what you're experiencing. It's really hard when you have to wait all the time for any answers.

I don't know what age you are and I guess that's important when you're thinking about fertility. I have had fairly similar symptoms to you in the past, though not directly related to my period. About 2.5 years ago, I had an ultrasound that found fibroids and although nothing was seen in the ultrasound, endo was queried so I was referred to gyno. It was a 6 month wait and my GP suggested trying the pill, she thought it would possibly help my symptoms while also maybe giving us a clue as to whether I did have endo. I wasn't considering a family (I was 37 at the time but wasn't sure if I ever wanted children). I didn't want to go on the pill because of disliking taking chemicals & concerns about adding more hormones into my system when my hormones were already out of kilter. But I was pretty desperate at that time so did it and almost quite immediately, I had a huge improvement in my symptoms. All of my stomach related issues resolved and my energy improved a lot (fatigue has been my biggest issue). I stayed on the pill for 3 months until I'd had my laporoscopy. They didn't find endo so I stopped the pill and none of my stomach related symptoms came back. My energy has stayed about the same since then - not as bad as it was but still not very good. Because they didn't find endo, they said I maybe just had a hormone imbalance which was 'reset' by the pill.

To make matters more complicated, I started to have hip & back pain, I saw physio & then waited 9 months to see orthopaedics. I had an mri with the consultant expecting a diagnosis of arthritis but I just found out on Fri I have stage 4 endo. So I don't know what sense to make of it.

I think there are no clear cut answers and everyone experiences this differently but from what I experienced, taking the pill back to back for a short time did improve my symptoms but clearly didn't cure the actual endo as it spread like wild fire over a 2 year period.

I hope some of my experiences help but please keep in mind we're all very different.


Thanks so much, really interesting to hear your story, so sorry that you have been suffering so much. I think I will try the pill for a little while as am also pretty desperate (I’m 34 so am mindful of wanting to start a family soon but it’s not desperate just yet) and will see if I can be referred to an endo specialist as it seems like it can be missed even in laparoscopies. Thank you and all the best xx


I'd say try the contraception methods it worth a try it might help your symptoms while investigating your symptoms. I should add that the gynecologist will offer hormone treatment to start with after endometriosis is diagnosed.

If getting pregnant is at the top of your list then only you can weigh up if you can cope with pain & management while trying, but should say that symptoms don't always disappear during pregnancy.

My symptoms were controlled while I was on the combination pill, but had a 13 year break so now opted to take a different route. xx


Thank so much, really helpful to hear this, I think I will try the pill as am a bit desperate and don’t think I’m going to be trying for a baby in this state anyway! Thank you and I hope you are managing OK xx


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