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Hey I’m Sarah 25 years old.

I started my periods very early on at 10 years old and ever since then I’ve had bad period pain & heaviness. Anyway they put me on the pill when I was about 15/16 until I was 23 as it did not improve symptoms.

Anyway every month I’m extremely heavy bleeding and the pain is just crazy to the point I can’t control it and I’m being sick ending up going to a&e for strong painkillers.

Anyway I’m feeling quite down today I went to the hospital appointment yesterday to gynaecology seen a doctor who just wanted to stick me back on the pill and send me packing. I fought as I don’t want to be on the pill anymore and them just covering up a problem.

They gave me some more pain killers and mefenamic acid.. I said I wanted the pain investigated instead of just labelling me as heavy painful periods.

They done a D&C on me to rule out endometriosis.. I’m just wondering if that test will actually come back with anything?

I told my doctor I’m sure I’ve got endometriosis as I’ve had 2 ultrasounds in the past and they came back clear.

I’ve got a follow up appointment in 6 months time. Do I try and push it for an Laparoscopy or as for a second option?

Thank you

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Hi there! Im Christine. Reading your Post tell s me that you have ; Endometriosis. So Sorry to say this. I too got my period at the age of 10. They were so painful and would last 7 days. I would bleed so heavy in the middle of it. I need to use 2-3 pads at night especially so I would not mess up my sheets. I was put on heavy duty pain meds each month for the week I had it. Then finally doctors did an exploratory laporotomy and told me that I had tons of scar tissue, adhesions and endometrosis. One of my Fallopian tubes (left) was blocked and I would have a hard time concieving ( if i tried) and would get pregnant every other month. That never happened for me. So Sad but I am okay today about it. I am now 49 years old, soon to be 50 in July 5, 2018/ Yes, Ouch! Old Lady right here! LOL Anyways a long story short..... I finally had a Hysterctomy at the age of 30! It was needed in order to have a life! I Was put on Hormone Replacement Medication called; Premarin 205 mg! I did well on it but needed counceling for now being sterile!

PLEASE PLEASE Get to your OB/GYN and ask them to do an Exploratory Laporotomy to see your insides and know what is going on with you

Thank you for replying I believe I have endometriosis as well but he wouldn’t give the thought time of day to be honest I’m constantly going through loads of pads and ruining bedsheets! Next time I see him I’m asking for an laparoscopy or a second opinion..

I’m sad I’m not getting listened to again by doctors

Try Finding a different doctor is he does not do the exploratory lap. Dont let this go unattended. This can be fixed so you can have children one day if you dont already!

I will when I’m next at hospital which is 6 months away ugh.. No children just yet!

Good Luck to you! Keep me posted on you and what is going on? IDK if we can become friends on this site. If we can, send me one! Im new at this site and still learning how to use the tools on here!

Will do thank you and I’m new here too

All I can say is keep fighting, you know your body. I was told by my GP that he thought I had endo, but the other gp wouldn’t refer me. She eventually did and the gynaecologist told me that my symptoms didn’t present as endo but if I wanted a lap I could have one. I decided to have one because I am in pain every day as well as awful pain when on my period. They didn’t find anything abnormal on the lap which was honestly sort of disappointing as I was hoping for answers but it has meant that things could be ruled out and they’re now going to be looking at what else could be causing the pain. If you are worried and want to know what’s causing the pain, keep pushing. I didn’t even realise that my symptoms were abnormal until I came to uni and lived in a house of all girls and realised that what I experienced was very different to them! You know your body, do what you’ve got to do☺️

Sarahjayne93 in reply to El_mai

Thank you I’m going to fight for a laparoscopy as I’m sure I do have endometriosis but the doctor wouldn’t give the thought time of day.

Pretty annoyed that when he done the d&c he didn’t give any pain relief and I was screaming in pain

I'm terribly sorry that you're going through all this. It sounds exactly what I went through until last year. I was told that "it was normal" to be in such agony I was sick and couldn't move! I know it may not be easy depending on where you live but it might be worth changing doctors surgeries? For me that was the turning point, I finally got referred after 8 years of trying, had a lap and go diagnosed. You can always ask if a different surgery has specialists on endo as they would be more likely to take you seriously as they understand the condition.

I really do hope that you can get the answers that you deserve and can get some treatment that will help. Xxx

I’ve had a fight with my doctors for years and finally got a hospital appointment which I attended on thursday.. I might ask to change hospitals

Thank you for the reply. It’s awful being labelled as normal when being sick etc when you know there’s something wrong x

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