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Post Laparoscopy + coil fitted

Hey all,

I'm 30, and have suffered with appalling periods since the age of 15. I've been batted around from doctor to doctor for 15 years now and finally found answers when I had my op on Monday. It was always "you may have endo, you may not, how about we try another pill?" I couldn't convince my gp I needed further investigations so i paid for a one off private spire consultant to fully access me and as a result I was put on the list for he laparoscopy. Good thing too! So for anyone who is reaching dead ends with your gp, you have to force them to take it seriously otherwise you can spend 15 years going round in circles.

I was under the illusion it'd be a in and out op but actually I had a bad reaction to the anesthethetic and morphine so I'm on my 4th day recovery and still only just managed a bit of food. So if you're small, it apparently it takes longer for the gas to go. And it's important to move around --- this I wasn't told till day 3 when my partner called with concerns. But on the mend now.

The consultant decided to fit the coil, so will see how that goes. Seems to make sense for now!

Glad to be part of the community and best wishes to anyone else battling with this awful "thing"

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Hey, just wanted to say it sounds like we are in exactly the same position. I'm 27 and had my first lap last week Monday. I've been off work since then as it really does take that long. I stayed in hospital overnight after the op. I'm very petite (onl 4" 11) and I had the gas problem for about a week, although that was the least of my pain to be honest. I also had the coil fitted - Mirena. The only difference is the after getting frustrated with my GP who had no clue and seeing several gynaecologists and having different scans, I decided to use my private insurance through work and it's been much easier since then.

Going back to work on Monday and hoping all the pain has gone by then.

Wishing you all the best in your recovery.



Hey, glad you're on the mend now! Day 5 and seriously I feel like I was underprepared for this. The nurses didn't want me to stay in, they were trying to push me out at 8pm and so made the decision to rile around in pain at home rather than a cold empty ward!

Let me know how you get on. And all the best -- Rosie x


God, really hope you feel better soon. I felt awful the first week so don't worry. Yeah, they wanted to keep me a second night but I was keen to get home, even though walking was an issue! No one mentions how badly it hurts afterwards! Luckily I had my parents with me and my dad is a doctor so I had him on hand to help with pain medication etc. Don't think I'd have been as keen to leave if I hadn't had him!

Hope that you are ok at home and don't worry - you aren't alone in this!



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