Possible endo - 1st Gyni apt today!!

Hey everybody just thought I would do a little post, I am finally having my first apt with my gynaecologist today. I have been suffering since around 2009 with abdominal pain and bloating, DR put this down to IBS. Since coming off contraceptive pill 2 and half years ago to try and conceive, symptoms have become a lot worse, where sometimes I am crippled over in that much pain. I have tried everything and up too now have not been successful in getting pregnant, so I hope they can help me today!

I will keep you updated! xxxx

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  • Happy to listen to any advice anybody having the same problems?? xx

  • Hi they will probably want to do scans etc which usually won't show endo unless you have cysts on ovaries. Hopefully they will suggest a laparoscopy to find out what is going on. If they don't then tell them you want one(if you do) , it is the best way of finding out . If it is endo then your best chance of ttc would be to have the endo excised . Hope it goes ok.

  • Hi, I have recently had abdominal scans and I've also had endoscopy tests upper and lower and nothing was found so next step is laparoscopy, I really hope they suggest this today as not being able to get pregnant is really starting to affect me now xx thank you

  • If they refuse go back to GP and say you want a second opinion preferably with a endo specialist who is registered with the BSGE.

  • will do thanks for the advice x

  • Good luck sweetie - it took me just a few months to really get the ball rolling with a lap although I guess prior to my implant I was struggling with terrible periods and cramps. I had an ultrasound first which showed nothing (expected!) and then a lap which showed scarring but nothing active. Due to have a coil fitted on Tuesday to hopefully prevent any more endo coming back. 

  • Hello, I have been for my first appointment. and basically the specialist said that my symptoms do not sound like endo as they are "too scattered". She said my symptoms sound more like they are related too Gastro. I just feel like I keep getting passed from pillow too post, I have already been for camera tests for gastro, had blood tests for celiac disease and crowns disease and all these came back fine. I have been through all of this, changing my diet, cutting out Gluten ect and makes no difference.  The only option they are giving me is too go on medication for depression for IBS - absolutely ridiculous! so yeah, basically I am back to square one!! xx

  • Hi Hun, sorry it didn't go well. Get a second opinion . Don't give up. It took me 30 years to finally get a diagnosis. It may be worth seeking a referral to a fertility specialist as well as you've been ttc for for a while now. If things have got worse since coming off the pill then to me that would suggest it's a gyne problem not gi. So please get that second opinion.

  • Hello, I have been trying to conceive for over 2 years now, the gyni told me I can rather concentrate on getting pregnant, or can look into the endo, but to be honest, I don't think I want too wait any longer, because I always worry it wont happen for me, so I agreed to concentrate on the fertility instead, but not sure if im making the right decision.

    I have to go back in 6 weeks time when my partners results are back and ive got to have more hormone tests, so will probably know more then xx

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