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Finding it difficult to cope!!!

Hi everyone,

I am due to go in for surgery on the 16th march after finally having a diagnosis of endometriosis, after having symptoms since 17 (I am now 25) I have been having prostap injections for the last 3 months but these have been stopped in time for my surgery.

Since monday though i have been having excruciating pain, usually i can cope with it but the pain has spread from just pelvic area to all in my bum, abdomen, back and legs.

I am currently babysitting for a friend but am really thinking about going to A&E, i just feel like i can't cope anymore. My painkillers (Co-codamol 30/500) which usually helps just isn't touching the pain and I'm just at my wits end.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice or what they would do if in my situation.


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If your painkillers aren't helping and it's a different / new pain then go and get checked out they should at least help get the pain under control. Good luck x


Dear Dani191091

Sorry to hear you're going through a tough time. If you need someone to talk it through with we have a team of people on our helpline who would be happy to have a chat. Our opening hours are below.



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Thankyou for the responses. It's just the pain I'm finding hard to deal with. I feel like it's stepped up a notch beyond my pain threshold. I consider myself as having quite a high pain threshold but at the moment the pain is having me rolling round on the floor just willing to try anything to get this pain to pass. As I said I have surgery booked for 16th march so not long to wait but the pain I'm in is making it very difficult. I'm also at uni training to be a mental health nurse but haven't been able to attend placement because I am in so much pain

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Your body can become intolerant to morphine based painkillers after a time so you probably need to review your meds. sciencemag.org/news/2016/05...


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