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New and pregnancy

Hi there everyone

I am new to here it's took me a while to sign up but I have a question that I think only you guys can answer what it is, is that my dr has basically told me this is my last opportunity to have a baby so me and my partner have finally decided to have one I have two beautiful boys both healthy my oldest one has autism but we want to go into this eyes open before we set a definite yes I have endrometris on the top of my womb and on my bladder I have had some removed from under my ovaries I have cysts on my ovaries too but I also have dysfunctional bleeding so I have the marina in ( which to be fair never solved the problem my thickness is 3 times what it should be on my uterus) so I have also had many surgeries and I had the prostap injection now here's my issue my dr ( who doesn't really give me much information) has told me if we want to have a baby I have to start straight after my next course of this as I have to have another 6 months (my symptoms came back straight away when the last one finished) but would this be ok trying for a baby straight after it stops? Just with it stopping hormones and my ovaries from working how would this work?

But also another query of mine is that I had pgp when pregnant with my youngest child will this come back as my pelvis dislocated with him? I also have group b strep my oldest son has autism so I know that's more of a chance my child could have that but my biggest one is my oldest son was born with the cord around his neck wasn't breathing but he was fine but my youngest son has the same but was officially dead for 2 and a half minutes would this happen if I have another baby all the risks are scaring me yet my dr said we can deal with the complications but they scare me he's just thinking am 31 with two boys and it's my last and final chance as the endo is getting worse but me I just don't know I really want a baby but could I put myself and baby at risk so I'd like your opinions please

Thank you in advance

Lanny xx

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Your doctor seems supportive, so that is very positive. Would you be TTC a third child had you not had endo? If it were me, I think that would drive my decision.

You're lucky enough to have two children, and it seems like with such a supportive doctor you will be closely monitored and looked after should you get pregnant.

The doctor is just being honest with you about your options, which is fab but you know you circumstances and what would work for you.

Good luck xx


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