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E-referral to gynaecologist

Hi everyone,

I just received a letter from my GP with a note attached saying please find attached a referral request made by your GP, giving details of how you can make your appointment.

It's been made by the e-referral service for the NHS and have given me log in details for me to make an appointment but the options on the form say general gynaecologist or polycystic ovaries gynaecologist, my doctor has diagnosed me with PCOS after a recent ultrasound scan, but thinks I have endo.

My main concern is if I go to a general Gynae doctor will they have notes on the system from my GP explaining why I've been sent to the Gynae team? I don't want to go and have to explain that I'm there because my doctor thinks I have endo, and they just shrug me off and don't take me seriously.

I'd really appreciate some help and advice on what clinic I should go to, as I just want to be seen now, the pain is getting too bad to handle. :(

NiomiJane x

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Hi NiomiJane - although I can't give any advice on what clinic you should go to I can tell you that if you go to the general gynae doctor they should have a copy of your records. The majorty of NHS hospitals now have access to a central database, so although there might be certain things like correspondence between your GP and consultant which may not appear on the system, everything else should. Obviously I can't give a 100% guarantee on this (what with things like human error and computers not working being major factors) but from personal experience each time I've been to see my consultant and/or GP they've accessed the same notes for me using the same computer system (the screens looked identical).

As far as I understand it from a specialist clinic point of view - I'm assuming in the case of a PCOS gynaecologist - they will usually request copies of your records from your GP and local hospital once you've made your appointment with them. I'm not sure whether they require your consent for this, but if you decide to go down this route it might be worth asking the question. Either way you shouldn't have to get involved with arranging the sharing of your paperwork as this should all be organised between the professionals dealing with your case.

Hope this helps...?

L xx

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Hi, thanks so much for your response.

I work for the NHS but obviously don't have access to a central system only our hospital one, so I wouldn't know if they could access info from my GP or not, the only info on my hospital system is my A&E attendances and ultrasounds, I decided to book in for the PCOS gynae as the earliest apt was 4th July, but for general gynae it was 25th or 28th August and I just can't wait that long!

Hopefully they'll be able to help in terms of endo diagnosis... I'm really sceptical about going to see a PCOS gynaecology clinic, as I feel they'll just dismiss me, but we'll have to wait and see :S

Thank you for your help :) xx


If your doctor's diagnosed you with PCOS based on scan results then it would make sense to go to the specialist who deals with this condition. However if I were in your position I would definitely mention the endo to the PCOS specialist as it would be another factor for him/her to bear in mind when looking into treatment for you. I certainly see no reason for them not to take you seriously and I'm sure you're aware - working for the NHS - that if you feel you're receiving poor treatment you have a right to complain via the PALS service and request referral to another consultant.

I wish you the best of luck at your appointment and hope you get the answers you're looking for... I know how frustrating it can be and how long these things can take, so you have my empathy!

L xx

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Hi, yes that's what I thought, but I didn't want them to think "why is she seeing a PCOS specialist for endo?" When my GP thinks I have both.. I will see how my apt goes and just go from there and ask for a referral to another specialist if I feel appropriate.

Hope you are well yourself. Take care :) x


Hi - I had a quick look through your previous posts. Can you describe your symptoms and where in the UK are you?


Hiya, I'm in Oxfordshire England.

My symptoms have been mostly lower abdominal and pelvic pain, I began periods when I was 10, they were very irregular until I was 12.

Then they were a bit more regular until 13-14, when they stopped and were every 40 days. Periods have been every 40-50 days since age 14 I'd say.

I have severe pain mostly in my right side, so multiple times GP's and doctors have thought this was appendicitis.

Had US in 2013, showed a ruptured ovarian foccile, pain still persistent, I'm constantly tired and lethargic, and I always have a sharp pulsating pain in my abdomen and pelvic region, also lumbar spine.

Other days it can be a dull pain which feels like there's a lot of pressure there - as if my insides are about to pop.

When I bleed, it's painful for the entire 4-7 days and quite heavy usually, but like I said this isn't often that I have a bleed, I've had nausea feelings and migraines, so had eyes tested and there's not much difference (Always had to wear glasses).

I had a recent US in 2016 which showed poly-cystic ovaries, my GP said this does not cause pain, I'[ve been prescribed co-codamol 30/500mg since Feb 2016, pain is still there everyday and often in tops of my thighs too, so GP referred me to gynae team for possible endo..

I have read many posts on here, and researched into symptoms etc of endo and mine don't seem as bad as some others, it's just the constant pain, I find discomfort eating solid food most of the time also.


Hi - it is a sad reflection on how the medical system views endometriosis that you have been referred to a sub specialist for PCOS (a relatively simple condition for any gynaecologist to diagnose) and to a general gynae for what is considered the most complex condition that exists in gynaecology in terms of skill needed to diagnose and treat.

If we consider that the PCOS consultant is a general gynecologist (who will typically have very little knowledge of endo anyway) whose main interest is another condition altogether, then it is unlikely that they will be able to help much with any potential diagnosis of endo. Or not in any effective way. If you look to them for the endo aspect you risk having it not identified and/or not treated properly.

Your symptoms suggest that you might have deep endo which along with possible adhesion and nerve involvement is giving constant pain. This form of endo is routinely missed in general gynaecology and you don't want to find yourself in the position that so many do of having a lap done in general gynaecology that misses deep endo because the surgeon didn't look beyond the reproductive organs.

You are in England and so can choose to be seen in a specialist endo centre. I suggest you see the PCOS consultant and then request a referral to an endo specialist. You will have to wait some time but unfortunately seeing someone quicker who is not qualified in the complexities of endo will be worse in the long run. I should nonetheless equip yourself with knowledge so you can quizz them on endo if the consultation allows so as to judge for yourself if they know much about it or not. Have a look at my posts about deep nodular endo, its symptoms (that are not usually cyclical) and the procedure that should be carried out at a diagnostic lap in order not to miss it and formulate some questions. x



Thank you so much for you reply, I was thinking a PCOS gynaecologist won't be much help, but I thought I'd try anyways to see if they can suggest any solutions for the pain as I really can not wait until end of August when I have a holiday coming up before then, I just want to get the ball rolling which may sound extremely selfish and inpatient.. but I promise I'm not as I know there's people in much worse situations!

I've read a lot of posts on here in regards to BSGE centres so will definitely have to research into them, is it free or do you have to pay?

Thank you for your help and advice on what to do, I really appreciate it :)

NJ x


They are mostly on the NHS bar one or two. The Oxford one is NHS. x

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Thank you so much! :) x


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