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Scared of pain relief addiction

Hi guys,

I have had endo for god knows how long unofficially but officially for 1month post laparoscopy. I've been suffering with severe pain on a daily basis and have come to the point where I've had enough...I feel like I'm on the edge of abusing the amount of pain relief tablets I take just so I'm not in pain. Is there any pain relief someone can suggest? I'm taking 500mg Naproxen twice daily & up to 300mg Tramadol daily...neither of which are working. Any suggestions welcome x


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I know the feeling hun, I was addicted to a controlled drug called oxycodone when I had my hip replacement aged 19 because hey had given me too many.

Now for my endo I cam feel myself been dragged back into that so I've told my mum to hide my pain meds and I'll ask her to get me some when I need them. Sorry to hear you're having a rough time hunni 🙁xxx


See doctor you can also take paracetamol with the tramadol and naproxen all together and I think I was on 8 tramadol a day spread throughout the day . Go see gp there is stronger stuff but whether they will give is another matter. Tramadol bad enough to come off but most meds they can wean u off under supervision of a doctor. The difficulty is getting them to give them to you !!! Good luck xx


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