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How are you feeling and your endo?

I thought it'd be nice to share how my health is going. I have found ways to manage my body and find what works best for me and was curious to know about yours. If you could share your experience would be great.

I also want to thank some ladies here who gave me great suggestions, they helped me a lot.

Have been about a year since I started taking supplements and a natural approach to endo and the results have been great. Things I changed include my diet, supplements, meditation, air (hehe thanks, UK!) and few other things I tried.

About my diet, I decided to go vegan, but I know that for endo fish would probably be a good add, however, I decided to go vegan because I get the benefits of a peaceful mind by not harming any creature. Also going vegan (so no egg, dairies, and meats) helps me to not eat a lot of processed food. You would be surprised to see that they put milk in pretty much everything. So no cakes, convenience food, cans, etc. It is an easy way out of the system. I still eat canned beans, unfortunately, but it takes forever to prepare beans so I end up being lazy.

The supplements are of great help. I have found out, after trying the anti-estrogenic diet, that the suggestions in the book were good. So the good bacterias are of great help, besides, that I read that the appendix is, in fact, useful and it helps us with our good bacterias. I had appendicitis when I was 7, so no wonder my immune system became weak. Moreover, I start taking Iron tablets and it has been helping me (less bleeding during periods, etc), once again, this is connected to my childhood. When I was a child I always had iron-deficiency, when I started to eat loads of veggies it appears ok on my blood exams but the results of taking the tablets are still great for me. I also, take vitamin B which helps me, and as a vegan is a good addition. And, also, Vitamin C which is an antioxidant.

Exercise, I have been running lately. I used to do yoga but I haven't been doing any. I do meditate whenever I can too.

The air obviously is much better than the air in China, and I believe it is a great help. Less pollution is good.

The water, unfortunately, I am still drinking tap water. I know it is not good for us, but I try to visualize love so it has better results in my body. I don't know if you have heard about the study the Japanese scientist did with water molecules? So I am just applying good thoughts.

Oh, no Soy of course. Some intermittent fasting (so my last meal is at least 12-15h apart from my first meal. Sometimes, I do fast for a few days to detox. I add a daily, or almost every day, green smoothie or a raw soup (raw soups taste amazing...) My results are always better when I add my green smoothie. Loads of herbal teas (rosemary, bay leaves, lemon and ginger, dandelion, chamomile, etc). Every now and then, when I crave sweets or chocolate I have a hot cacao (pure raw organic cacao...with the bitterness hehe).

Oh..and I just use cloth pads, natural cosmetics only (shampoos, conditioner, toothpaste, oils, etc).

Well, I guess that is pretty much it. It is working for me, I haven't gone to the doctor for a long time, and honestly speaking I am avoiding doctors. I am not taking any painkillers, I don't want any surgery or anything. So for now, I am just boycotting the doctors. Once I decide to have kids then I'll check how things are going. For now, just living without pain is amazing, and I am greatful for this.

What about you?

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Hi I'm a pescatarian and have been for a while. Iv also cut dairy out of my diet and I'm on soya milk now. Dairy flares up my endo but also I'm against animal cruelty so that's another reason. I'm slowly trying to give up on fish too.

I don't take painkillers either. Iv had major surgery and most of the time refused painkillers. With my endo and period pains I use hot water bottle. It works wonders.

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Great to hear about it :D

Yep the hot water bottle helps a lot.


Thank you for posting this! I had no idea what dairy could flare up endo maybe that's where j go wrong I eat so much! Also what supplements do you take? I also had appendicitis as a child so it's really great to hear your story!

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Great to know I can help someone with my story. So about dairy, I used to eat loads of cheese, but dairy is mainly omega 6 which makes your body produce more prostaglandin hormone. This hormone increases pain basically. But so far I noticed that since I cut dairies I no longer have the tender breast (it was very painful) and the pain during period, is very light now. But I am still having wheat every now and then. Wheat is one of the culprits as well, supposedly.

Before I was taking Agnus cactus (because of the tender breast, mood swings, etc), evening primrose oils (rich in omega 3 and helps to combat the prostaglandins), I'd say these two are amazing, at least for me. Right now I'm having a break from them to see if I can stop taking them. But what I take daily no matter what is the good bacterias (2pills but it works very well for me even when I ran out of other supplements) and potassium (3pills, it helps balance sodium in the body). I should take every day but sometimes I just skip hehe: Complex vitamin B, Iron + vitamin C (I did stop the heavy dark bleeding with clots during my periods), digestive enzymes for better digestion (but sometimes I forget taking it every day), zinc and omega 3 oils (fish or similar). I've been taking these for the last 2 months and they work fine for me. I used to take magnesium every day in the morning with the good bacteria and potassium but it finished and I haven't bought since Jan.


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