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Countdown to operation date

Evening all.

Long time no post. Lots has been happening but not happening quick enough.

In the last two weeks I've been under the care of two new specialists who have got things moving. I've had internal scans (yes more) and my first MRI scan to help diagnose my endometriosis and how deep it goes. The results were a bit unusual and turns out I have adenomyosis and endo.

I had already decided that I wanted a hysterectomy and when I said this to the specialist (s) they both agreed that total hysterectomy is the way forward, keeping one ovary so that I don't need to be on HRT (I'm too young). So, after that i was told it's a four week wait. Now I've been told 6/8.

In the mean time I'm trying to get more zoladex, I've had 6 but am due my next injection next week. Without it I think this could be a very painful horrid month or two. If I'm not able to have more I don't quite know what'll happen yet.

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Hi. I've just had a hysterectomy after experiencing so many issues I had no choice. My ovaries were removed as they were so damaged by endo.

I can imagine the wait seems awful, but it's a lot less than here! I had to wait 9 months from going on waiting list.

I hope you're able to get your interim treatment sorted, even if surgery is planned your pain etc needs to be managed in the meantime.

Good luck x


Good luck. Take a look at the hysterectomy associations website for loads of useful help and advice.


Just been granted another zoladex injection next week so that's a good thing. Let's hope that's the last one and surgery happens soon.


Well things haven't developed far. I was told I'd be in for my total hysterectomy in 3/4 weeks and that was six weeks ago, I'm now in line for my with zoladex injection next week and then they are still looking at least another month or two after that. Operating waiting lists are shocking. I was on the phone yesterday to my specialist who recommended I'm signed off or put onto stronger painkillers.

Realistaically the pain is something that I can cope with even though it's leaving me exhausted and very emotional, it's more the waiting and the op being put off and put off that's dragging me down.

Just trying to concentrate on the good things in life.


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