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Excision tomorrow and salpingectomy..stopping in overnight?

Hi ladies, I'm quite nervous. Had a diagnostic lap in October for a suspected hydrosalpinx. They drained it and told me afterwards they'd found Endometriosis. The surgeon was actually quite blasé about it. For me it was a Eureka! moment and all my symptoms clicked. I found an Endometriosis specialist & having excision tmrw. I've gone private as after years of pain Ive about got to the end of my tether!! He wants to remove my tube too as they'd should've done that originally. They've said I've got to stop in at least one night. Why is that? I want to get home asap! Surely for a lap they'll let me go home on the same day? Is this the same for all excision surgery? And also (so sorry to sound so pathetic!!) will this really hurt? Us Endo ladies are used to pain but I'm worried that this will be another level!! Especially as I'm on my period!! Thank you ladies xx

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I stayed in hospital after both of my laps and was happy to. I think going home on the same day might have felt a bit rushed. I found my laps and recovery to be no where near as bad as I'd expected and feared. Top tips are peppermint tea and windease tablets to release the gas, dulcoease to make going to the toilet easier and having little walks around home as soon as you feel able to x


I've had 2 laps - the first I was sent home the same day but ended up back in hospital that night anyway (in an overflowing A&E, where I spent 8 hours on a trolley in a corridor waiting to see a doctor) and one where I was kept in overnight (I had asked to be kept in after my experience first time round but as it turned out I had some endo excised from my bladder and needed a catheter overnight so had to stay in anyway).

I can honestly say that staying in was a better experience. I know it's awful, I know no-one wants to do it but it really is the best thing. A lap with excision isn't a minor surgery.


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