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Endo around kidney tubes??

Heya. So as per usual my appointment was filled with so much info I end up forgetting wee bit's. I asked how the Endo was treated during my lap and they said that some bits were cut out and the bits around my kidney tubes had been burnt as it was in a difficult place. Am i right to think that this could mean there still is Endo growing as wasn't cut away? My concern is that it's just grown back hence why I still am in pain. Has anyone had experience with Endo on the kidneys and how it was treated properly? Thanks

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If you mean uteras then I think it's called uterolisis which is where they burn it off. It think this is normal for endo there as it is to risky to cut, but I could be wrong.


Yes it can be risky to cut it since it can block urine flow from the kkdneys which can cause kidney failure.

However at the same time the uretuers are very thin, I've passed a kidney stone that was the size of an grain of rice and it hurt a lot (a birth control pill caused it). So if the endo had infiltrated it you probably would've had symptoms of it being there, I belief there's a lady on here who had 4 surgeries because of the endo on her uretuers and how it either reacurred or it was really hard to treat since it was hard to remove.

There is a surgery to repair the uretuers I believe which would help with excision.

You also should take into account that adhesions form from surgery too so your pain could also be caused by that.

Are you in the U.K. and if so are you treated in a BSGE centre?


Heya thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm awaiting an MRI so fingers crossed that shows up something. I've asked them to go back in and look but they don't want to and I understand and agree with their reasons but somethings still playing havoc inside me. I am under a BSGE specialist in Scotland. Just started on pregabalin and awaiting the MRI and will see what happens in a couple of months. Also getting the monthly decapeptyl injection and have the coil fitted. Xx

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