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Getting Lap Operation Notes

Getting Lap Operation Notes

Hello all, hope you are doing okay this weekend. I asked for my full notes from the operation before I go back to see my surgeon and was sent this letter. It just seems a bit brief. Maybe I'm expecting too much but I'd imagined there'd be a detailed check list of where was checked where was clear and what severity grade I was. Has anyone here obtained their op record and how detailed was it? Is this the level of detail I should expect at this stage?

Its incorrect about my discharge as I was kept in overnight due to severe pain, bladder issues and a morphine reaction and discharged the next day.

What on earth is a rectal sizer and what significance does flexibility have?

Can this nodule cause bladder pain? Or is what I think is bladder pain actually coming from the cervix but making me want to pee to relieve it?

I am due back on 21 Feb to discuss potential second bowel op. I'm not reassured and wondering what I should ask......?

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This seems pretty detailed to me - it says exactly where was checked and what was clear. My hospital letters have a similar level of detail. From what I understand, docs here aren't using stages 1-4 but instead use mild/moderate/severe and the letter states that your endo is severe.

The bit about the rectal sizer basically means that they put a specially designed surgical tool up your bum into your rectum to see if the bowel could be moved (which would be normal) but found it was firmly stuck to the back of the vagina, where you have recto vaginal endo.

Have you had a follow up with the surgeon to talk through the op pictures and explain it all properly?


Thanks, just didn't know what to expect really. A bit disturbed that they did rectal things without getting my permission beforehand nobody told me they were going to do that. I gave permission for a lap and cystoscopy but nothing bowel.


Hi Starry

I m sorry you are having a difficult time , it sounds like you are somewhat shocked about the findings which is totally understandable .

I noticed the report mentioned a nodule above your bladder and wondered if this may have been aggravating your bladder symptoms. There is a fair amount of information to interpret and I would hope you are seeing a colorectal surgeon with the endometriosis team who will talk you through the report and discuss the next stage of treatment.

Good luck with your appointment .



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