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So tired of being in pain ☹️

Hello I've had such a bad couple of days with pain on my left side it's been so sore had a few sharp sudden pains while at work today think my work colleagues think I'm mad as I hold onto something and crouch down, I did take a couple of co- codamol not really the answer but they help with the pain so I can carry on at work I'm a care assistant so I'm on the go and some days can be a heavy workload, my poor body is suffering at the the moment .

I'm not seeing the bowel consultant till April 11th so Hopefully they Will update me on what is happening next I know I am due for more surgery having my right ovary removed as for the bowel I will wait and see so at the moment I'm keeping everything crossed 😂

Any pain relief tips are very welcome ( heatpad, co-codamol, hot baths) Done

Paula x

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I know this might sound crazy I used to smother my stomach in deep heat also aiming the shower head to were the pain was used to give me some relief to xx


Won't your gp prescribe you anything stronger? Cocodomol doesn't touch my endo! I've noticed when the cramps are only little got for a small walk and sometimes they ease of rather than getting worse. I do mean a smal walk thoug nothin major.



I was given decapeptyl injections every 4 weeks had them for nine months now the gynaecologist has stopped them as you can't have to many due to only being licensed for six months I had them for eight 😂 They helped ease the pain at first then like most things your body gets used to them , she said she would refer me for pain management as there is a long wait for surgery but still waiting, might pop see my nurse at the surgery for advice oh what us woman put up with ☹️ I walk my dogs sometimes I grip my teeth when in pain all I want to do is curl up in bed and use the heat pad.

Hope your coping with the pain at least we know we are not alone xx


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