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So tired!


I am so tired, like proper fatigue, arms and legs feel heavy and can't concentrate on much for long. I do get this every now and then and have to go to bed for a few hours but this feels like it's lasted all week.

I am technically on my period week but tend not to really bleed since having a mirena put in a couple of years ago. So it's not like I'm anaemic although it feels like that!

Any ideas? I'm going to try to eat better this week although I wouldn't say my diet is terrible 🤷

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Could it be perimenopause? I'm 40 but have been getting random night sweats.

I really feel you, I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency and have jabs every 8 weeks. They don’t help though with thee bleeding and pain. Sorry can’t help with your question but just wanted you to know your not alone xx

Thank you, it really does make everything quite hard when you're tired doesn't it! Think I'll ring the docs and see if I can get tested X

Hi. Sorry to hear you're feeling so tired. Have you had a Vitamin D test at all? I know a deficiency in this vitamin can cause fatigue, so might be worth checking out. Hope you feel better soon!

Thank you, I do take vitamin D but it could be some kind of deficiency, it's so strange! I haven't had any tests, I think I'll ring the docs tomorrow! Thank you 💕

I'd second this. I was also taking supplements but was falling asleep in the day in 2019 and blood tests showed a deficiency. I take a really high rise now prescribed by my doctor

That's great you take vitamin D. The other thing I just thought to mention is magnesium. A magnesium deficiency can also bring a host of health issues, including fatigue. It might not be these things, but it's worth checking out. I find supplements normally take about 3 months to kick in, but it's helpful to find out if you're deficient in the first place, as magnesium tends to work alongside vit d and calcium and you don't want to upset the balance if you already have what you need. I've also found sugar to be a culprit when it comes to fatigue, but sometimes there seems to be no quick fix or answer. I hope you get all the help you need from your doc and find some answers that help you. Wishing you a speedy recovery x

Oh wow it's a confusing balancing act! Thank you X

I would also ask your GP to check your thyroid and ferritin levels (iron stores). Even if you are not having periods now your iron stores could be low from heavy periods in the past. Good luck.

MelonMelon in reply to EmB18

Good plan Em, thank you X

I also go thru period fatigue and have to say it’s getting worse despite as already said it’s not from bleeding (Depo in my case). Randomly I also get pain in my ankles not sure why but every month has happened for years but it’s getting really painful now tooI have an appointment tomorrow and will bring it up.

I had my blood work was done day 2 last month and showed nothing everything was within normal parameters but I’m not always convinced the parameters are good did you know normal ferritin levels are from 12-150 ng/ml so I always wonder if I feel better with an 80-100 level instead of my usual 22 🧐

Washington1 in reply to Lilyjack

I agree. My ferritin levels went down to 12, which is within their parameters, but I was in a state, with hair falling out, very breathless etc. Took iron supplements and the symptoms definitely improved in a big way.

Oh wow that's really interesting as I've been getting ankle/foot pain lately! What the heck is that all about?! I thought it might just be getting older, but I'm only 40, is it downhill from here?! 😂

I must admit I'm confused, it would kind of make sense if I actually had a period. I don't really understand what's happening inside but I did wonder if you have endometriosis/adenomyosis if there's some kind of internal bleeding which could have the same effect. Lovely thought 🤷

Lilyjack in reply to MelonMelon

Yeah I’m only 34 and had this rando ankle pain for about 10 years now so doubt it’s got anything to do with age. I did wonder if it was because I was over weight but I lost loads had a normal BMI for a couple of years and still had it. As I’ve mentioned I’m on Depo so don’t have periods but still ‘cycle’ if you will, ie today would be day 3 of my cycle judging by ankle pain, fatigue, headache etc.

My sister had a hysterectomy for endo 4 years ago and still has a ‘cycle’ no pain, no bleeding but water retention, irritable, skin complaints, headaches, etc.

Who knows what’s going on in there cos I’m not sure the Drs do! And not going to lie the past few gynos I’ve seen just look at me like I’ve got 2 heads when I mention my ankle pain but we can only push on present our symptoms and hope someone listens

I always feel so exhausted during my periods (I have them every 3 months) and around the date when I should have my periods every month. This time before my period (for a week) I started eating iron tablets and took a vitamin supplement liquid three times a day before and during the period. I know you don't actually bleed but may be worth trying to boost you before to see if it makes a difference.

Have you had your bloods checked? Folic acid, b12, iron etc.

You're right, I know I'm prone to being anaemic so could still be a thing, thank you!

Have you considered that you are depressed? A combination of this terrible pandemic, which has broken up all our routines and feeling very flat. When I go through depression (which visits regularly sadly), I struggle in much the same way as you describe. It does effect people physically, not just mentally. I do hope you can get something sorted out. Take care and stay safe. Xh

I don't think so, it's a very physical thing, even though I want to and am mentally up for things my body is just so heavy... However... I have been reducing my citalopram so it's definitely worth discussing with the GP, thank you x

I feel that way most of the time exhausted and very sleepy/numb you are not alone.Since this is different it’s worth going to the gp thyroids are usually the culprit.Maybe start feroglobin too it helps a little.

I so can relate to you and have not idea what this fatigue is related to. I have mirena and the same age with you. I have checked VitB12 and D in 2019 I was deficient, but now my levels are up. Despite that I still some times feel very fatigue, and nothing but sleep helps me to overcome it. No ankle pain for me though.

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