seriously getting so fed up off being so tired and lost off headache as well and in pain and moods to go with it

I have been suffering from endometriosis for 5 years now it been so hard for me I had a hysterectomy 8 months ago and had my tubs gone to and so much took away from me in side and told I have to have more surgery to be done I don't know how much I can take off this . I am so tired in myself anyone going throw the same thing .

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  • I know how you feel!!

    It's draining isn't it!

    I hope you don't mind me asking. How old are you? And do you have children.

    I ask as there have been talks of me having a hysterectomy, but I'm only 30 and have no children which I really want!. Xx

  • I had my hysterectomy January this year I have no children my age is 32 and I just been told to have more surgery in total I had 4 very big opp

  • I've had 2 big ops so far and more looming!!

    I go to see the specialist in London next Tuesday! Really keeping my fingers crossed! Mines abit complicated as I have now found out that I have endo in my bowel!!

    How are you coping with it all?! X

  • I got endometriosis in my bladder they took my tubs I have not got much left I am in stage 4 of this am waiting to go back for my 5th opp I get my good days and bad day my moods are all over the place I am not coping with this at all

  • I'm so sorry to hear that!

    I'm trying to hold it together but I'm so tired and in pain all the time!!

    If you ever want a chat! Xx

  • I no the feeling being so tired all the time I get so much pain and headaches as well

  • Yes, I understand how you both feel, the pain is so intense it causes fatigue and terrible moods. I'm in more pain since my second lap in June and I'm in bed most nights by 8 with a hot water bottle and heat pads sat on my lap top on this forum! What a wonderful life. I have just started taking Serrapeptase a natural medicine as I'm fed up of taking lots of drugs, don't know if it will help with the pain but I've read up about it and it has worked for other people so I'm giving it a try. Hope you both are feeling better soon X.

  • am in so much pain with my endometriosis and my moods are all over the place am taking out on my partner the doctors have got me on some very strong drugs that are making me feel so space out I am fed up with going on like this now

  • I do feel for you, I had a terrible time with my moods and looked at alternative therapy to help me. I went on the internet and searched for relaxation and breathing techniques, sounds a bit naff but it has really helped me, it doesn't take the pain away but it helps me to relax and forget the pain so then my mood improves. It did take me a while to learn how to do it properly but it has been worth it. I have also heard that using essential oils helps you to relax. Take care X

  • thank you for that

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