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Normal? Help please!

Hi lovelies!

So... I had my lap 6 months ago to remove endo and was just wondering something.

I've had probably about 4-5 periods since my lap and each one is just getting worse and worse. I can't even have one for more than 4 days. I'm constantly thinking about going to the ER. The pain is unbearable and the blood flow gets heavier with each day. But the pain is the thing that I can't stand. And the nausea has just become a new thing, and every period I'm left in bed unable to get up cause i feel so sick.

And over the insane amount of years that I've had to put up with this child birth feeling pain, I have developed a good pain threshold. So I know it's not just me!

But it's just awful, even worse than before surgery!

I just don't understand why?

The doc said I'd have an awful first period but then that would be it.

They couldn't remove some endo on my bowels and I had adhesions to my colon and bowel. They removed some from my pouch of douglas but that was it I think.

Just need some help if anyone has experienced this or know why this could be happening?

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Were you seen at a BSGE centre?


No i wasn't xx


I would suggest you go back to GP and get a referral to one. They should be able to remove what they couldn't and possibly missed endo. Sorry you are still suffering but unfortunately General gyne just aren't experienced enough in endo which is why they didn't remove from bowel.

They have probably missed endo as well.

Hope you get sorted.


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