Hi all,

Last week I was diagnosed with Endo. Its taken a while to get the right diagnosis and until now I've been going to the gym often and running / spinning and doing weights. I've read swimming and yoga are good alternatives. Does anyone do weights or find this creates too much strain?

I'm in the process of getting further tests so I'll ask questions then. Just thought I'd get some opinions in the meantime.

Thanks :)

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  • I would really recommend you book an apportionment with a pelvic floor physiotherapist and make a workout regimen with them.

    The problem with endometriosis and working out isn't straining but actually the condition of the pelvic floor. Most people have heard of the underactive 'weak' pelvic floor. Ladies with endo have the opposite, instead they have an overactive pelvic floor which is constantly tensed with an inability to relax.

    The pelvic floor is like a trampoline, there's the motion of a trampoline being pushed down (your applied force) and it pushing back at the applied force, you reactive force. With an overactive pelvic floor you are always the reactive force and that takes a lot of work to maintain. This is also why some ladies bloat out.

    By doing weight lifting you further encourage a 'tense' environment and like a trampoline which has been pulled on too tight it'll 'snap' and fall into the centre if too much tension is applied. This can mean a prolapse or a pulled muscle.

    Yoga stretches the pelvic floor as well as swimming, you can try Pilates but only with a pelvic floor trainer since working on your core strength will screw up your pelvic floor even more.

    You also want to train yourself to relax you Pelvic Floor so it doesn't cause any issues, by lifting weighs you'll make it harder to relax since your bodies used to being so tensed up even if you do some training with relaxing. Just remember it's easier to go to an old habit then it is to form a new one, so get rid of the old one first.

    There's also a pelvic floor group on health unlocked too.

  • Yeah there is so much on strengthening pelvic floors and I have my little p f trainer linked to my phone. I will have a look for definite on the relaxing thing. Thanks

  • Do not strengthn it more, if it's kegels delete the app, I had one before and my pain got worse because I wasn't doing them with a physiotheprist who made a plan for me.

    Theres also special wand phhsiotheprists use to release the pelvic floor, their s-shaped.

  • If you are able to carry on with your exercise regime, it might be a good idea to do it. As well as all the usual reasons for it, last time I had surgery I was told by one of the nurses that running in particular cuts the recovery time for abdominal surgery. I have never at any point been told not to exercise and was running last year though at the moment I'm on a break after surgery. Still riding my bike though.

    Please ask your doctor if you're worried

  • I'm being referred for my first laparoscopy and I'm a keen runner - brilliant to hear that running helps with the recovery time as I'm getting married in September! Good motivation to keep it up before the op! Thank you!

  • For me it's the worry cis they removed my cervix which supports a lot of things and is now left with support only from the pelvic floor.

  • If exercise isn't causing you pain go for it. Im a cyclist and it causes me no pain at all to be in the saddle for 3/4 hours at a time. Whereas a relatively fast paced hour long walk with the dog can cause pain, and running is a definite no no. Do what is comfortable, if you're not in pain go for it, and remember being fitter is likely to reduce the strain on our bodies if future surgery is required.

  • Sounds like everyone is different. For me, when I had pain, intense cardio seemed to worsen it, but weight lifting felt good.

  • Thank you all. Its really good to hear other people's opinion on it. I went to the gym today and didn't run. It sounds like this is one to avoid. I think I'll try what I usually do, without the running and take it easy! I don't want to change too much!

  • I don't think it's a bad idea to keep fit and strong but maybe don't go extream especially after surgeries and stuff cxx

  • I am told that I'll have to have an op but I do have a scan this month so I'll see how things are then. A doctor today told me you don't have to be cautious unless its painful. I guess it is totally dependent on how much pain is felt during exercise. It still makes me a bit nervous as you just don't know if your making things worse!

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