Dealing with this years after the lap

Hi guys, just a general question, I had a lap back in 2011 where I was diagnosed with endo, I was told to have a period every 3 months to be healthy but as the year after went on I was noticing the familiar pain coming back even when not on, went back and dr tried me on mini pills with no breaks, I had side effects with them all apart from Cerazette, I was just wondering if anyone else is on this? I have put weight on since being on this that is really difficult to get rid of and when I told the dr this he just laughed at me, I'm also concerned that it will affect my fertility in the future and he seemed unconcerned about this and said if I couldn't have children then to go for IVF, has anyone else been told this too? Just worry about taking this pill for so long surely it's not good? Thanks x

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  • I know this is rude of me to say but your doctor is a inconsiderate jerk. How dare he laugh at you, you are a concerned patient and he just brushes you off? Then when your worried about infertility he says to try IVF? Which is expensive. He's essentially going "Not my problem" which isn't fare to you. Your concerns need to be met with an actual answer, can you switch doctors? Or maybe bring this up with the doctor in a note?

    Are you in the UK? They have BSGE centres there I'm in Canada so I understand how it is to get a doctor with a good understand of endo.

  • Thank you for your reply, and your not being rude at all, thank you for making me realise I'm not being silly for feeling like that! I've never heard of the BSGE centres before and I have found one quite local to me, may go back to my dr to get a referral to them or even pay to see them, they didn't really give me much info about my diagnosis such as what stage etc so I may also ask for a copy of my notes to take with me :) x

  • I hope all goes well, your GP should refer you though since you're a patient.

    If you past stage 3, the doctor should've referred you a long time ago since from my understanding they need to be treated there.

  • Hi I am similar, had surgery many years ago for severe endo and take pill continiously to try and control endo but not sure it does and still get bad days I know is this disease again. It is the best I can do for now with not much access to service where I am and probably bowel involved I'm told. So I try and ask alot of questions and feel ok to be on it continiously. Luckily I have lovely GP to speak to and Gynae that both hear my troubles and it usually makes me feel better because they listen.

    I too think your doctor is very rude and maybe ignorant or uninformed too. If you have Endo and want kids that is also your right to recieve empathetic care for your heapth concerns, you might need a doc who can work with maximixising your chances of conception and examine whats going on with endo these years later before going to costly IVF.

    As to weight gain, I put on 20kg on a contraceptive pill and there was not other differences going on for me. I got on another pill and was able to lose the weight. I hope you can get some better medical help soon. There is that page of member Lindle for referral in UK, as other post says, it looks like you guys have some good services there if you could get to them...

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