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So I've been working 15hrs a week for one company on minimum wage and they let me do half the hours from home. I still live at home so I can just get by (I'm 23). I got offered a full time job this afternoon 38hrs a week, high pressure with lots of responsibilities in office. Not sure of pay yet. I could really use the money though but I don't know if it would burn me out as I suffer from a few chronic conditions along with endo. Also worried that if I ended up taking sick days they would sack me and I'd have already lost the bit of work I'm currently getting. Any stories or opinions would help, thanks!

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  • I'm literally in the same boat as you hun, scared to commit back to a job due to the time off but I don't even know where my next meal is coming from anymore. I've applied for Pip as I've got other conditions too and have taken months out of uni but really need some form of income, plus if I do take on work they might say that I'm able bodied

  • Would it be possible to take the new job but not on a full time basis?

    Then if you coped fine with that you could increase your hours? X

  • They said they needed someone full time and it may even require some overtime to get any extra work done, I'd be the only one in the company with my skill set unfortunately so no one could cover

  • I'm working an apprenticeship so awful pay and full time on my feet all day and it kills me, but they're super considerate of the amount of sick days I will need as long as I update them regularly! x

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