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Upcoming Job Interview

I've got a really big job interview coming up and I need some tips. In my previous job interviews (like years ago) they always asked me if there would be anything I would need to help me during work hours if I have an illness or anything. Normally I have said no because my endo was not much of an issue, but now it has gotten worse. But I feel a little awkward mentioning I might need frequent (although short) breaks for my bladder. I know they might not ask it, but if they do ask, do you think it is best to mention it or not?

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Hi as far as I'm aware at interview stage an employer is not allowed to ask you about health conditions and you are under no obligation to to tell them. If you are offered the job then you can tell them if you choose to. Good luck .


I'd say don't tell them just yet...let their decision be based on you and the job, not in what if on a medical basis.....


They are only allowed to ask if you need adjustments in order to attend an interview. After that, if they offer you a job they may make enquiries as to what you might need adjustments with or ask you to complete a pre placement medical questionnaire but only after a job offer has been made. I doubt they will ask you anything at all ( fear of litigation these days) and if it were me I wouldn't even bother saying anything. I go to the toilet a lot at work ( bladder endo) and no one takes a blind bit of notice. Honestly I wouldn't let it worry you one bit. Good luck with the interview!


Thanks for the advice :) its taken a little bit of stress away from an already daunting interview!


Not, then if they find out once your hired . ''IF'' you get the job then its their duty as an employer to support you :)


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