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Endo job crisis

Hey all,

Feeling the best I've been in ages on zoladex and amitryptyline. I know it's a temporary measure. Hormones are all over the shop but you can't win everything. It's so rubbish because I got offered a job that right now would be okay for me to do however I know that when it starts I'll be off Zoladex and on pain management for at least another year, the pain management doesn't really work. I know from the past that I cannot physically do this job whilst being ill so I've had to suggest other options and not take it. I hate feeling like endo is having an impact on my working life but at the same time I need to be realistic of how I'm going to feel when I come off the Zoladex (awful) and how much I will actually be able to do. Feeling pretty down about this but there was no way that I can take something on that I know I won't be able to do once off Zoladex.

I'm just wondering if I'm the only one that has to make these compromises even though my gynaecologist says that I shouldn't let it stop me from doing things, I have to be realistic about what I can and can't do.

Love to all Endies out there X

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When you come off the zoladex perhaps try a mirena coil? I wouldn't refuse any opportunity. I have stage 4 I am in pain daily. Yet I have 2 businesses they give me a purpose something to get up and go for if I didn't I would literally be laying in bed crying on most days.

I was on pregablin for pain but come off that due to feeling like a zombie and swapped to amitryptyline and felt a lot better was too concerned over being on such a strong drug long term that I took myself off it. I get reiki 2 times a month and I swear it helps with my energy and pelvic pain.

Currently on prostap and although I've not had any pain now for 2 months I can't wait for it to be out of my system as I'd rather be managing my pain levels than dealing with these flushes, mood swings and loss of memory.

Don't let endo define who you are. Go go every opportunity. Believe you can do it and you'll be surprised at how well you can. Positive mind set is the best medicine.

Take the job!!!!!!

Best of Luck xx

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Thank-you for your response. I'm already on the mirena at the same time. I am also one of those people that says I can't let endo stop me from doing things but then in some cases I need to be realistic rather than make the daily struggle worse for myself. I also follow the endo-diet. I'm actually doing everything I can to stay the healthiest I can be but at the same time I need to manage it as well. I know that I'm going to be in awful pain and super tired and some things (this job) will not be feesable. Coming to terms with endo is rubbish and I hate the fact that I have to this time listen to what my body needs.

Thank-you for listening and your support xxx

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Hey, I've been in exactly the place you are. I took on a promotion the week I was diagnosed but back then I had no idea how life changing endo can be if it's severe. I thought it was a quick op and sorted.

If I had know I am not sure what I'd have done as I was miserable in my old role but the new one added lots of extra pressure.

The Mirena and then zoladex combo made me massively worse and I went down to 4 days a week as I couldn't cope with the fatigue.

I came of them both 8 weeks ago and the Mirena gave me daily pelvic pain and the zoladex severe adverse effects too numerous to mention.

Work didn't let up I was effectively doing not all that far off 5 days in 4 and so I accepted excision surgery on my bowel.

Unfortunately I couldn't last to the op and went off sick a fortnight ago with exhaustion.

I am relying solely upon this surgery working as I don't know I can keep going otherwise. It was stressful enough for a full time healthy person never mind someone limping through struggling with concentration and memory loss.

Long term I don't know what I will do as the job does pay but is extremely stressful.


Hi starry,

Always for me another suggestion I treat as more hope. I've been in for surgery numerous times but they couldn't get to my endo. Annoying! Until you have your surgery unfortunately we won't know any better but hopefully this surgery helps!! If not it's just another thing to rule out and try something else. Have you tried cutting out gluten? I've also had to stop working in the past so I know how rubbish it is. Cutting gluten out - That was a massive help for me. Always here if you want to chat and to help you through what I can imagine is driving you crazy. I also went to see a Chinese doctor who gave me an allergy test. This was a good way and indication of how intolerances however sensitive can have a massive impact and since lowering down on certain foods, it has lowered my bloating. But now I know what's caused it when I want to treat myself!

Good luck for the Op!! Always here for a chat!


Hey thanks Dancer x x likewise

I was already vegan and yes, I started to cut down gluten about 3 weeks ago in earnest and have moved to rye bread and oats. It's definitely helping on bloating but the fatigue is the main issue rather than pain for me. Stress has probably been a significant aggravating factor. Wine definitely makes me worse too but finding that harder to give up.!


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