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Endometriosis ovary bowel and stomach

I was diagnosed with endometriosis last June after have keyhole. I was told I'd had had it for a long time but they weren't specific. During the procedure to lazer the endo they discovered my right ovary had attached to my pelvis and had scar tissue. The right side pain I get is unbearable, after my procedure and having the marina coil fitted and having to take the pill everyday without stopping I was started on the prostap jag for 6 months. I've now stopped taking the pill and I'm on my last jag of prostap. I still feel pain and I'm absoloutly dreading coming of the jags I'm scared more than anything. The pain ruins my life apart from my ovary the pain I'm in now is nothing to without the jags. I'm 31 I don't have children and after my 1st appointment with my surgeon yesterday he advised that when the jags stop and the marina coil isn't enough they will have to remove my right ovary. I'm already sore so in that area so I have no chance. I don't even know how to feel I feel like no one understands what I'm going through so I have no one to talk to. I also think it's on my stomach as swell as my bowel cos I get full so easily I can't ever finish a meal it's like baby portions. This started 4 years ago after having unexplained intense stomach pains below my rib cage for months. Ever since I have never finished a meal until the prostap jags started. I've found my self eating more and finishing things. Has anyone has it in there stomach! I wouldn't usually comment on group pages so sorry for my bad grammar I just want to vent !!

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My symptoms are different as I don't have too much pain, but I do have digestive problems and when I had my lap a fortnight ago they confirmed it is endo and it is on my stomach as well as ovaries and pelvic area etc xx


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