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Period anxiety

Hi all,

I was suggested by a well-being advisor to reach out on a public forum about my issues.

When I was 16 I had the most horrific period which was so out of control I had to have a blood transfusion. Since then I've had various pills, scans gynaecologists etc but no results or answers.

I have suffered with low mood and anxiety ever since this event. However a repeat episode has never happened until last week...

I had ghost pains for about a week before similar events started to occur. I was much more active on the issue this time however and was able to control the bleeding with mefanamic and tranexamic acid. But the pain was horrific..enough to make me throw up!

I have not been diagnosed with endometriosis and doctors keeps suggesting I leave further investigations until I want a baby. However having something unknown hanging over me is making my anxiety worse! How are you able to ask for a laparoscopy?

Also for those who suffer with similar issues is it normal to have such a low mood, fatigue and anxiety? I have no reason to be feeling this way.

I would be appreciative of any advice as I feel quite alone on this.

Thank you in advance!


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