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Cerazette and Estradiol

Hi, new year. 44 year old, diagnosed with endometriosis at 22. i am under an endocrine for my low vitD, Hashimotos and hyperparathyroidism. He has put me on 2mg of Estradiol as my estrogen levels are extremely low. This is most likely because i've been taking cerazette for years to suppress my periods to control the endometriosis. So yes, crazily I am taking a medication to suppress estrogen and then replacing it with estrogen!

I started out on 1mg and within months had developed a fibroadenoma. On Jan 5th it was upped to 2mg. Since then my fibroadenoma has become more painful and I'm suffering excruciating period cramps - up my back, down my legs, between my legs - today I can't get out of bed for the pain. My discharge is slightly pink, but no actual period is taking place. i have taken tramadol one hour ago and no relief. I feel like something is happening but I don't know what. Has this happened to anyone here before?

thanks in advance,


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