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Hi guys!

So today I had my first appointment with my new gynaecologist since moving away from home.

I had a laparoscopy in June 2015 - and since then have been on multiple contraceptive options to try and stop bleeding. So am quite sceptical about starting prostap after not having the best experience with zoladex!

Just wondered if anyone else has had these injections and would like to share their experience or advice!

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Hello jenipovey,

Next week I'm having my 4th prostrap injection. The only thing I had was with the 3rd injection I bled for 2weeks. Apart from that I've been fine. No hot flushes, no mood swings. It just hurts going in, and hurts for a couple of days after. But every woman is different. I might be one of the luckyish one's.

Does this help a little hun.



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I've had 2x monthly injections and have got 3 weeks left of a 3 monthly injection, i also take Livial HRT alongside Prostap. I've had no periods at all during this time but I have unfortunately had a 20lb weight gain😬 I do wish I'd have had stuck with the individual monthly injections instead of taking the advice to have a 3 monthly one because I had a rough first month with feeling offside and nauseous with the 3 monthly one and i didn't get that with the monthly injections and also had less pain and bruising at the injection site with the monthly ones but overall its not been the unpleasant experience I expected it to be but as always everyone is different and you will know after the second month if not the first month if your 'getting along with it'. Fingers crossed for you😊

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