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Prostap - how long for menopause to kick in?

I have now been on it for 2 weeks - already had several days of painful bleeding but this seems to have stopped and I'm trying to work out if I've gone into menopause yet. I had decapeptyl before but I took HRT with it which I don't have this time so I can't tell from the side effects if I am up or down yet.

I've got terrible headaches and my skin has started to dry out (this happened with the decapeptyl - one of the benefits was that I had amazing skin for the first time in years). I am having night sweats but they're not particularly dramatic and I was having them on the cerazette I was taking before anyway. I've had some joint pain, but again, not as bad as I remember it being last time. BTW not bleeding isn't a great indicator for me because I've had bleeding with absolutely everything.

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Hey hun,

I've been on Prostap for 3 weeks and 2 days now. The first 2 weeks I was extremely tired & felt so drained! Now at 3 weeks I'm starting to spot pinkish blood & my pain is starting. I've still got my mirena coil in so I'm hoping that will keep alot of the pain and bleeding at bay, I'm not sleeping properly and having a few hot flashes. Everyone is different aren't they, I'm still keeping a pain diary as this helped when I last went to see my consultant.



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