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Pain after laporoscopy

Hello all, at the age of 17 I went to my doctors with bad period pains and they put me on the pill which I was on for years and then had the implant for 3 years. Decided to try to conceive so had my implant out two years ago. The period pains were horrendous so it felt like a battle to try to get someone to look into the pains. After finally getting referred to gynaecology after a year and a half they did a lap in December and found I have stage 4 endo and it's on my bowel, my left Fallopian tube is also completely blocked. They removed what they could be couldnt touch my bowel as too dangerous. My 2 periods since the op have been the worst so painful and mainly in my back passage, I've had to have time off work due to the pain etc. My next appointment isn't until April. I also since finishing my period am having pain after going to the toilet both ends like a pulling spasm feeling leaving pain in my Lower back. Has anyone managed to conceive with stage 4 endo? And how do you manage with the pain each month?


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