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Anyone's periods stop with the mirena coil?

I have had the mirena for 10 months now and it has been great. I have had really regular periods, like clockwork (light and short ones that are pretty much painless).

However, this month I have skipped a period. I had brown spotting just over a week before I was due but it only lasted a day and that was that. I took a pregnancy test last week (the week I should have had my period) just to be safe and as I thought it would be, it was negative.

I wasn't too concerned as I have been told that your periods can completely stop with the mirena but today I have started to get horrible cramping. Is this normal does anyone know or should I get this checked out?

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Hey hun :)

My periods stopped with the mirena. Pain didn't change, still getting alot of pain but it did stop my periods. I was spotting brown blood now and again. Xx


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