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Hello. Bit of a tmi. I had my laparoscopy on Tuesday but I haven't been able to poo since then. Would it be ok to take senokot or would it effect my stomach. Any tips please?

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When I was discharged I was advised to try lactulose if I was having problems. You can buy it from the chemist and it is gentler than senna which can cause stomach discomfort and be a bit explosive which is the last thing you want! A couple of doses of lactulose worked well for me in combination with plenty of fluids and trying to walk about as much as possibly to keep things moving. I think a big part of it is being scared to go in case it hurts but the lactulose helps. Good luck!

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I had the same issue after surgery, its pretty common. I used Senna. It wasn't pleasant. If lactulose is available otc and it's more gentle I would try that first. Also try to make sure that when you do eat (I say when as often appetite is a bit squify post surgery) that you're trying to eat a balanced diet and are drinking plenty of fluids.


I used dulcoease without any problems. After both of my ops it took 4 days before I was able to go to the bathroom even with the dulcoease. X



I had the same issue but I was given lactulose to take by the hospital, you can buy it over the counter at the chemist and I was told to take 10-15ml twice a day and it helped... make sure you are drinking lots of water too. Xx



I had my surgery the Tuesday before you did and it was also my first!

Yeah I was also constipated and it's normal. You're muscles are healing and naturally in abit of pain, this means that your body doesn't really want to contract to allow you to poo, it should go in a few days.

Also a side effect to codeine if you've had any is constipation.

I drank peppermint tea and just ate soups etc

If you find that you feel too full, you don't have to eat! Do what your body is asking

Hope this helps

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