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Endo and Sciatica

Hello....Im here, just found it and hoping for some support please.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis a few years ago. I had a laparoscopy and then given Prostap injections. Ive been on them for 2 years now, but September was my last one, as they want to see how my body is now. Towards the end of December the inj wore off as I could feel the pains returning. Not very nice but manageable with pain relief. Theyve gradually got worse, to the point now where im in agony. The pain is so unbearable and its in my lower back as well, causing nerve and shooting pains everywhere. Im struggling to even move, and tears are streaming down my face. Im usually a very upbeat person, on the go all the time. I went to the Drs on Friday and they prescribed Co-Codamol and Mefenamic. But even these haven't worked.

Im due at the consultant on Wednesday to discuss my next options....hysterectomy!!

Please can anyone give any advice on how to cope with this pain 😢

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Where did you have endo found whenever you had your lap and what was done? I assume you are not in the UK?


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