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Endo effecting bladder?

For a week around ovulation I struggle to pass urine! Does anyone else suffer with this? My bladder hurts! Today I have had an investigation due was put into my bladder and X-rays taken to see if I can hold and empty my bladder! Yes I can because guess what it's not the week of ovulation!! They have found my uretha is narrow constricted near the enyerance of my bladder. Has anyone had this problem is it due to endo? I have to have a cystoscopy on Monday but again not on my period or ovulation so doubt they will find anything! It was extremely painful to insert tubes and felt like broken glass! I'm sat at home drinking lots of water but passing fresh blood!

Anyone have similar experiences ?

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Yes, Endo can grow in these areas and unfortunately due to the delicacy and area of location, usually can't be removed via laser. You will need to try alternative methods to treat this type of Endo. You also need a good urologist who specializes in women's dysfunction disorders. Adhesions over time can completely block your ureter causing kidney failure.


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