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Endo found on bowel and bladder


Hi :)

Just been diagnosed with endo on the bowel and bladder. He wasn't able to remove it this time as he wants to make sure my bowel is empty to mitigate risk, so will need another lap to do this.

Anyone else been diagnosed with this?

I can't remember everything he said which is annoying as I won't speak to him for another two weeks.

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Yes, I have endo on my intestines and they were attached to my uterus (I had surgery to separate them). Good luck with everything :)

C765 in reply to CP17

Oh really, how did the surgery go? Was you able to go to the toilet easily after?

CP17 in reply to C765

The surgery was successful in separating my uterus and intestines, although there were areas of endo and other adhesions that the surgeon wasn't able to remove. If you're referring to pooping, I don't remember having any trouble after, although my memory is fuzzy from the anesthesia and pain meds. I had a urinary catheter during the surgery but when it was removed afterwards I had no trouble peeing on my own. Actually, my bladder control improved after the surgery, which may be because they drained a large endometrioma which was next to my bladder.

Yes I had this. Mine was a rectovaginal endo nodule affecting bowel, bladder, utero sacral ligaments, vagina, peritoneum and I had an ovarian cyst too.

It's a specific endo type apparently


For the bowel op you are being treated at a BSGE accredited specialist endo centre aren't you?

C765 in reply to Starry

I hope your ok. Thanks for the link I shall have a read. I've not heard of BSGE before what is it? I've gone through my works private health insurance and the Dr specialises in endo, he's written books and does a lot of research for it so I feel really safe with him. He knows a lot about endo.

maximusprime in reply to C765

Hi my doctors have just suggested the same thing for me. How was your surgery and May I ask who your doctor was?

If he's a specialist and you've done your research and your happy then that's fine. I was just worried it was a general gynae.

BSGE is the organisation that sets the standards for gynae laparoscopy. It accreditates the NHS standards for specialist endo centres and advanced laparoscopy skills required for endo excision

I went private too but made sure my surgeon was also bsge accredited so I had peace of mind that he'd done the advanced lap excision training and had sufficient complex case experience. Eg you have to do a minimum number if complex surgeries a year to keep your accreditation.


These docs describes how and why they were set up it's useful to know.



C765 in reply to Starry

Oo I just had a look and he is a member of BSGE. Thanks for letting me know about this as it helps with my confidence in him. I'll have a look at those links as well. Thanks for you help :)

Glad I could help xxx

Yes when I was 26. Ended up having a bowel resection. It became a big operation. 5 operations later. I cannot have further operations without pelvic clearance and possibly losing bowel and bladder. Your Endo Specialist Surgeon normally needs a 2nd bowel Surgeon present as he isn't a specialist in the bowel knowledge!

C765 in reply to JOSANDY40

Oh no hope you are ok it doesn't sound very pleasant :(

Good to know about the bowel surgeon being present, I'll ask him about that in my next consultation.

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